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    Premiere CS6 hangs when editing GoPro mp4

    Shai Schcolnik Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm working on a project that has footage from gopro hd hero2 (mp4 1080p 25fps).

      When I scrub or play the gopro footage after a short while premiere hangs in a wierd way. The CTL moves, I can do edits (trims cut and pastes) but I have no preview and the timecode doesn't move anymore. after that the program usually becomes "not responding".


      I tried converting some of the footage to AVI with UT video codec (I wasn't aware of Cineform until now) these videos work better but still get stuck in the end.


      is my system to weak to handle this kind of footage? (works fine with 1080p avchd files)

      Maybe there's something else I can check?

      Any help would be very appreciated, I'm getting tired of the frequent restarts.


      System Info:

      PC windows 7 64 bit

      6 gig RAM (TOO WEAK?)

      footage on Raid 0 array

      Premiere pro CS6

      Video Card: GeForce 7900 GS 256mb (TOO WEAK?)

      CPU: i7



      Shai Schcolnik