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    I am disappoint


      All I want is CS6 on my computer, your website is a mess, everything is a mess and the Adobe Download Manager is ******** aswell. So after a while I finally managed to get the CS6 setup on my PC, then I realize the only availibe languages are Chinese, Japanese and another ******** asian language. When I downloaded CS6 from the web page I made sure it was in the English language, but all I get is three asian languages. What is this crap? Why are no nother languages available? I've been sitting here for over 30 minutes trying to  find out what this is, but the only thing I've learned so far is that this software is a joke. It has been a constant pain and frustration. It even took me like 15 minutes just to figure out how to post this question/discussion/thread or whatever the hell this is. I'll go and visit the pirate bay. Good day.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Sounds like you have visited a different Adobe.com than I did.  The download process is generally quite straightforward, and what can I say?  It worked for me, no problems.  Would you like to investigate what might be wrong with your computer system setup that's causing you these problems?


          What OS are you running?  What language is your Windows system set up to use?  What country are you in?


          Perhaps capturing some screenshots showing what's wrong might help others help you better.


          By the way, everyone understands it can be frustrating when high tech doesn't work for you, but threatening to go do something illegal just makes you look stupid.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I agree that we need much more information, if we are to help the OP.


            The problems with languages throws up a little red flag for me, and I worry that, intended or not, the OP might have gotten a non-legit version of PS already.


            I hope that the OP will take your advice and post more details.