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    Saving/exporting issue in Windows 7-file name changes when trying to navigate

    CAmarket Level 1

      I just got Windows 7 on my computer and am running ID CS5. The weirdest problem happens when I try to save as or export a file. The dialog box comes up and normally, I would be able to select a folder I want to navigate to just by typing the folder name, but what is happening is that the first letter goes to a folder, but upon typing the second letter, it starts changing the name of my file.


      So for example, I am saving a file ABC.indd and I go to navigate to save it in a folder called Project XYZ. When I type in "P" to get to that folder name, it jumps right to the first folder starting with P. However, upon typing "r" my file name changes from ABC.indd to "r.indd." If I kept typing, it would become "roject XYZ.PDF."


      This happens when saving as a file or if I am exporting a PDF. Our entire marketing department or 6 people was recently upgraded from XP to 7 and we all have this problem in ID. This does not happen in Illustrator or Photoshop and it has our IT department baffled. It is driving us crazy though because we make dozens of files a day and now have to manually scroll through long file structures when exporting PDFs, which is so time consuming, not to mention aggravating.


      In searching for this problem, I found another poster on a different website who has the same issue, but no one had any suggestions.