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    How can i read a file from Network folder

    Hali George Level 1

      hi ,

      I have a process, in which i have to read a file from a network location.

      I have tryed 'read document' component. It can read the file from the server machine where the ALC is installed, bt was not able to read form a network location.

      Please suggest me a solution,

      Thanks in advance.

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          Rohan Raj Level 1

          Hi George,


          The Read document operation of FileUtilService should work, I tried with my network location file "\\HP003\SharedDir\test.txt" as filename. Make sure the SharedDir must be shared and have sufficient rights for the user from whom LC is installed and running on your server.


          Alternatively, try Get operation in FTP services under Foundation category. You can get the file content from FTP server and stores in the process variable as a document. Although it needs to activate FTP on the machine from where you want to read the file.