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    Why do I get weird rotation of objects from different layers ?

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      Greetings, Everyone !

      I was trying to make a simple animation of a coloured stickman..with each of his limbs is on different layers (i wanna do that way instead of blending/grouping each other into single layer)


      When I'm trying to make an animation of the stickman doing a 180 degree rotation with motion tween...which means that I make a keyframes on each layers that have same length and stops at same frame.....and then at the end of the keyframes I selected all objects and rotated them simultaneously and finally "Create Motion Tween"...


      But after I played it, instead of proper 180 degree rotation animation of the Stickman I expected, all I got is that all of the objects(limbs,head,body) are rotating very messy and out of place, like the image I inserted...
      How do I fix this problem so I can get proper rotation (with motion tween and separate layers) ?


      P.S: I'm using Macromedia Flash 8 Pro (Can this also be a cause ?)