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    Missing audio for one frame

    Joe TV Level 1

      Okay, been using Premiere for well over a decade now and this problem has plagued me for years.  I've never found time to actually make a comment about it until now; I just would find a work around.


      This has been going on since 2006, when I started using 1394 to capture video after a Matrox card went crispy.  Sometimes, seemingly at random, I lose one frame of audio on clips that I capture.  My captures rarely exceed 60 seconds.  I usually capture some head and tail black along with a slate if available, the issue could still be happening but I can't hear it since it's quiet anyway.  Here's an example:

      audio drop.jpg

      I zoomed in on the one channel to point it out; it spans both channels.  If I bring this in to Audition, the space times out to exactly one frame (0.033 seconds).  If I capture the same piece again, it's possible to have another frame drop but I've never had it at the same location twice.  I've had this from Premiere CS2 to 4.  I'm capturing off a Panasonic AJ-D250 directly to Premiere, no third party card.


      Here's the first kicker: a completely separate system using a different model (still Pan. tho) deck in the same building has the same issue. I could bring this tape to that system and get similar results.


      Kicker #2: I now have a completely new computer and have upgraded to 5.5.  The above was captured with that system.  The system also came with a different editor on it (a major one that I am not overly fond of and won't mention here) but that captures via 1394 without this issue.


      I think I can rule some things out but the common items left are: 1394 capturing, using a Panasonic deck for playback and capturing into Premiere.  I've noted posts around the Internet describing the same issue dated as early as 2004.


      Thoughts or ideas on how to eliminate this problem?