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    Multicam panel crops footage during playback

    avary.s Level 1

      I recently created my first multicam sequence in Premiere Pro CS6 using source footage from 4 different cameras with different formats: Camera A (sony), Camera B (sony), Camera C (DSLR) and Camera D (HDV). Then I placed the 1920 x 1080 Multicam source footage onto a 1280 x 720 sequence and scaled the footage down by 67% to account for the smaller sequence size. When I playback my footage in the Program panel, the footage display correctly (none of the footage is being cropped). But when I preview my footage in the Multicam panel, each of the four camera views are playing back at 100%, thus cropping much of the video. This is not affecting the final output of my video; however, I would like to be able to view my footage properly (at 67% of the original size) in the Multicam monitor.


      Is there a way I can do this without changing my workflow or sequence sizes?

      multicam screen shot.png