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    Premiere Pro CS6 to DaVinci Resolve Workflow


      In his article at the link below, Walter Bicardi notes that because of errors generated when he attempted to export an EDL from Premiere Pro CS6 for import into Resolve, the EDL kept causing Resolve to crash and he had to send a flattened file of his timeline to Resolve and then use Resolves auto-scene detect feature to chop up the flattened file. He then sent a flattened file back to PP CS6.


      http://www.biscardicreative.com/blog/2012/07/continuing-tales-of-an-fcp-switcher-cs6-workf low-for-now/


      Is this the only way to send a project to Resolve from PP CS6? Is it possible to use XML, AAF, or EDL export to send the timeline to Resolve, or does this feature of PP simply not work the way it is supposed to? Or is the problem with Resolve?


      Any information on how to export the timeline to Resolve without resorting to a flattened file would be greatly appreciated. The flattened file approach would work to a degree, but it is not really an adequate workflow in this day and age.




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          SimonHy Level 2

          What kind of cameras do you use? In theory you can send an xml to Resolve, but it depends on the type of media you're working with. For me, two thirds of the footage we use plays fine in Resolve, but native AVCHD doesn't, which is forcing us to go down the flattened file route as well.

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            Groppler Level 1

            I just found this thread in the forums (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4527424#4527424), which suggest that an EDL should work just fine with the proper naming of and metadata for the clips in the PP CS6 timeline. So perhaps Walter Biscardi was not doing this properly?


            I would still appreciate any feedback I can get from folks who have sucessfully sent the timeline to Resolve, rather than a flattened file (and sorry I didn't find this other thread before my initial post).


            Thanks again,


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              Groppler Level 1

              I have 99% decided to go with PP as my FCP7 replacement, but I am not using PP yet, as I finish researching my final questions. My footage is mostly ProRes from a AF100 out to a Ki Pro Mini (and maybe DNxHD, with the Ki Pro firmware upgrade), as well as some DVCPro HD footage from an HVX200, all of which I believe are readable by Resolve. Does this suggest that I will not have problems with exporting an EDL to Resolve? That would be great news.

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                SimonHy Level 2

                Yup. You'll be sweet. XML or EDL will work fine. The reason Walter is outputting a flattened file is the same as me, codec issues. I used to use FCP and would transcode to ProRes as a media manage and then XML to Resolve, the issue with Premiere is that it doesn't have a transcode-on-project-manage function.

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  I have no issues with EDL from PPRo to Resolve


                  Info  FWIW:


                  My suite is is Win7 based.  The Resolve suite is Mac based in a separate facility.


                  I shoot and dual record ( Samurai) ie. AVCHD and PROres HQ files..  The files both record identical timecode and we have a method  to semi match the filenaming ( for our convenience).


                  I edit using the AVCHD source footage  and the Resolve suite conforms the EDL using the Prores files.


                  Works without a hitch if one sets up the EDL correctly.

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                    Groppler Level 1

                    Thanks for the information, everyone. Very helpful.



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                      I have been giving DaVinci Resolve 9 (Lite) a trial run this week.


                      So far, I have noticed it handles FCP-style XMLs better than EDLs. As long as you strip out any APP-based effects (Warp Stabiliser etc), and any Dynamic Links (AFX) it seems to handle general dissolves/levels just fine. I haven't tried it with mixed codecs yet (I've tried H264, XDCAM, ProRes and DPX so far). One potential work around, if you want to convert your entire timeline to DPX and not use Scene Detect, is click 'Send to Speedgrade'. It generates labelled bins with DPX sequences for all your clips. If it's short-form but high quality (say an ad for broadcast), you can swap the files around in the Conform room in DaVinci.


                      I noticed a few bumps with the EDLs, namely the timecodes not syncing up properly. This might be due to the footage (the project I tried had been shot on a 5D). Hence using the XMLs instead.