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    Adobe Media Core CS6 has stopped working


      On my laptop with Windows 7 I get the error message: "Adobe Media Core CS6 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Please Close the program."


      This message appears since I have installed the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

      My laptop also has Adobe Design Premium CS5.5, with Photoshop and several other programs, installed,


      The message appears after starting my computer, and also after closing Premiere Elements 10.

      I can simply click away the message. All programs work fine, including Premeire Elements 10, but the message is annoying.


      Does anyone know what causes the message, and how to get rid of it?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You're not telling us anything about your computer much less any info from your system event viewer. Without that, nobody can give you any definite answer. A lot of times this is simply caused by flakey graphics and audio drivers, so update them. anything beyond that requires more info.



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            eriksalomons Level 1

            Thanks for your message.

            I must say that I am a simple computer user, not really a computer expert.

            I have never used the event viewer, until today.

            Couldn’t figure out much useful information from it.


            I will try to have a more knowledgeable colleague helping me.

            Your suggestion about graphics and audio drivers is appreciated.


            I was simply hoping for similar cases where PRE10 gives the error message that I get.


            Thanks again.

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              I also got this error message when closing Elements 10, and without reviewing your event logs one of the simpler pointers to the issue is to click the little down error in the "stopped working" message box next to the phrase "View problem details"..

              In my case the problem showed to be from QuickTime.. (I had removed it thinking I did not need or want to use it)

              For example, here's the first few lines of my error details..

                Problem Event Name:APPCRASH
                Application Name:Adobe QT32 Server.exe
                Application Version:
                Application Timestamp:4e79105f
                Fault Module Name:QuickTime.qts_unloaded


              If you view your problem details, select the first half dozen line or so and then paste it in a reply it might assist in helping with an answer for you..

              To fix my problem, I reinstalled QuickTime from apple..

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                eriksalomons Level 1

                Thank you!

                I am going to follow your suggestions.