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    CQ5.5 Session Timeout




      We would like to change the session timeout value for the Author server so that if an Author doesn't do anything for 30 minutes the CQ session expires.  Seems the default is several hours.

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          I urgently want to do the same thing.

          Does anyone know how to configure this?


          Day's documentation points to using /crx-quickstart/server/etc/web.xml to configure this value/ But this file doesn't even exist in 5.5 anymore. You now - apparently - can set this value via the system console, but I have no idea where to look.


          Can anyone shed some light on this?


          Many thanks!

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            Jayatl Level 1

            1. Go to /system/console/configMgr web app and login as admin

            2. Find the "Day CRX Token Authenticator" and click it to edit the configuration

            3. In the "Required Attributes" dropdown, select "None" - Save

            1. In crx-quickstart/repository.xml, change the tokenExpiration to desire time (NOTE: By default, it is 12 hours.  Time is specify in milliseconds).

            <LoginModule class="com.day.crx.core.CRXLoginModule">


            <param name="tokenExpiration" value="9999999999999"/> ...


            1. If using LDAP, you can do the following to the ldap configuration file com.day.crx {

            com.day.crx.core.CRXLoginModule sufficient


            com.day.crx.security.ldap.LDAPLoginModule required






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              katrienj Level 1

              Thanks for you quick reply.


              Do we need to change crx-quickstart/repository.xml, AND com.day.crx?


              Or if using LDap is the second one sufficient?