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    File size increases dramatically after digital signature


      I have a template I use from Microsoft Word for a contract I use frequently.   It does have a color image on it.   I then save the file as Adobe PDF format, add a few form fields if necesary, extend features in Adobe Reader (so my client can fill out and digitally sign it), Then I reduce the file size, which at this point is maybe 25K.


      The last thing I do is add a digital signature -- necessary, because this is a contract.


      I'm using CoSign for digital signatures as they need to be verifiable and this was the least expensive option for me.


      The problem I have is that once it's digitally signed, the document size increases from maybe 25K to almost 2MB.


      What can I do to keep the file size MUCH smaller?  I don't want to jam up my clients' mailboxes or risk having a contract not delivered because of large file size.  I'm using Acrobat 9.x.