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    GTX 580 with Quadro Fx 580

    coredvideo Level 1

      Right now iam using GTX580, it has 2 DVI or 1 mini HDMI port i want to connect 3 monitors 2 for desktop( ppro editing) and 1 for timline monitoring.


      I red somwhere that single Nvidia Card can't run 3 monitors at the time u need two cards to do so!


      So i have my old buddy Quadro FX580 laying in my drawer, is it possible to combine both QuadroFX 580 or GTX 580 for 3 monitors.


      Can Quadro display out the PPRO timeline on external monitor?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I doubt this will work, because the two cards use different drivers. You have more chance with an extra GTX 550/560 or upgrading to a GTX 670/680. Not every mobo has two PCIe-16x slots or throttles down to PCIe-8x when two cards are installed (all 1155 socket mobo's do this for example) and that means a performance loss of around 10 - 15%. In that case it is better to upgrade to a Kepler card that supports up to 4 monitors.