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    FlashPhoneLabs doesn´t work




      I am testing this video phone application : http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cirrus/samples/ and I can´t connect them.

      I´ve download the software and change this parameters:


      [Bindable] private var connectUrl:String = "rtmfp://ip/";

      private const DeveloperKey:String = "3fdd751a8daab287...";

      private const WebServiceUrl:String = "http://ip/cgi-bin/reg.cgi";


      When I try to execute it, it shows this error:



      NetConnection event: NetConnection.Connect.Success

      Connected, my ID: 88c9e382e1a308430907e4a68491de1c83dc0826bae17b8649087d02073b39c1

      ID event: registerFailure

      Error description: HTTP update error


      Anyone knows what is the problem?


      Thank you.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          the error message seems to indicate some kind of problem accessing the WebServiceUrl. what happens if you try to use the WebServiceUrl manually, like with curl or something?


            % curl 'http://ip/cgi-bin/reg.cgi?username=foo&identity=1234'


          if everything is configured correctly, you should get something like


               <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>





          if you get <update>false</update> (which is probably triggering the "registerFailure"), then most likely there's a problem with the sqlite3 database. either you didn't configure reg.cgi to point to the database location, you didn't initialize the database with the schema (in the comments in reg.cgi), or you didn't make the database file & the directory it's in writable by the web server process.