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    Touch screen

    vrthree Level 1
      Is there anything I have to do in order to produce a project for a touch screen info point?

      The project does include QTVR!!

      Many thanks

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          Level 7
          Dealing with touchscreens is not much different than standard Director
          projects. One thing is that most interface items, like buttons are
          generally activated on mouseDown instead of on mouseUp like standard
          projectors. But apart from that, everything is really pretty much the same.
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            vrthree Level 1
            Thanks for that! Will have to do some tests!

            Will the touch screen affect how the QTVR works?
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              It should not affect how QTVR works. I have never tried it specifically
              on a touchscreen, but I see no reason it would act any differently than
              on a regular screen. The only difference is that you don't have a mouse
              as an input device, and instead it uses screen touches that are
              converted to mouse clicks by the driver. Visually, there is no
              difference at all.
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                Cpt.Haddock Level 1
                I have done many QTVR projects for Touch screen and they do work in the normal way. You will need to experiment with the drivers for the touch screen to make sure that the touch registers when you first touch the screen. some have settings for other modes like, touch-pause-click or 'click on lift off', so make sure you are set for 'click on touch' and the Pano should work very well.
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                  Mouseclick Multimedia Level 1
                  Just make sure you make your buttons, or at least the responsive part, large enough. Fingers are larger than a mousepointer, and depending on the viewing angle you see the button on a slightly different place when you are an adult or child for instance.