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    960px layout width or more?


      What is the best layout width these days? Some sites are wider than 960px, but I am unsure if this would decrease the usability for some users. Is there any disadvantage if I do 1000px or even more?


      The targeted visitors of the website are internet savvy users, meaning that they should have average or better screen resolutions.


      Thanks for any input.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          There's no hard rule about it. I'm still designing at 960 pixels wide, myself. You might find te following article useful.


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            YonBo Level 1

            Thank you very much for the article, Linda. If it is true that almost anyone has screens with more than 1000px width, I see no reason to go any smaller than that... unless I am missing some important aspect here?

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              You might want to do a litle research before designing each indivdual site, rather than taking a one size fits all approach. Let's say you are designing a site for a fancy boutique hotel. Are the viewers likely to be using handheld devices like iPhones, iPads, and high end laptops? In that case you might want to do the site in what's called responsive web design.  http://is.gd/JB60SM

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                YonBo Level 1

                Thanks again for the advice.

                The site will be solely focused on notebook/ PC/ Mac users, so 1000px sounds good to me now.

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                  deesadler User Group Manager

                  I'd agree with Linda here. While there is a lot of "mobile first" bandwagons to get on these days, I rather think about the users first and what they need. So if you say they'll never access it on a mobile device, we have to take your word you understand your users best.


                  The whole reason for 960 is because it is so divisible. Fireworks has some nice grids, 960.gs have Fireworks grid templates also. It is a decent size to work with, and doesn't look bad on an iPad either. I like to make sure my sites don't go up against the edge of the browser, but that's me. I like a little white space. Really, you might try designing in ems instead of pixels and then it will be more fluid anyway. Long are the days of pixel perfect websites. We instead now worry about the order things are shown in.

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                    YonBo Level 1

                    Cheers for the input, deesadler. I actually was not thinking of iPad's, as I do not use these things at all. However, there is actually a chance some visitors would access the site using these devices. I just checked for the display resolution of the new iPad, which is 2048 x 1536, so there should still be plenty of free space on the right and left borders if I do a 1000px wide side, correct?

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                      deesadler User Group Manager

                      That is the resolution, but the resolution is doubled, meaning you see more pixels on the same size device. What that really means to anyone designing for it, is your graphics beter be mostly vector and sharp. Don't worry about high resolution displays in any other way. 996px is about the widest you'll get in most browsers, so losing a few pixels on the sides shouldn't be an issue.


                      I would ask you consider a more fluid layout than pixel widths. Of course, you know your site and audience. Just because you don't use a tablet doesn't mean others won't be accessing your site from them, as you mentioned.




                      http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2009/06/02/fixed-vs-fluid-vs-elastic-layout-whats-the-r ight-one-for-you/

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                        YonBo Level 1

                        Thanks again, deesadler.


                        I am not going to try any experiments, so will go with a 980px. 980 appears to be a widely used unit and offers a bit more space than 960.


                        Cheers =)