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    Having trouble understanding the different editions of dpsand what's best for me


      Hi all, this last couple of weeks i have been continuously reading guides and tutorials on adobe dps and im really enjoying using it however where i seem to get most confused is knowing what is the best way to distribute the documents we will be creating.


      For example one of our clients which is a medical company which has several drug brands. Each drug brand has a small sales team of about 5 or so people that use ipads. Im thinking that the best way to get the sales aid folios to the sales team is to share it with them from within the Folio Producer, is this allowed? it seems strange that adobe would let you do this for free (well not free but as part of the price for the sotware) if so are there any downsides to doing it this way? If in 6 months time they want to update the document is it going to alert the sales team that a new version is available while im still working on it which is not good, or would i have to create a new folio and share it once complete?


      Then lets imagine we now have 10 brands each with 5 sales team members wanting regular documents distributed to the various sales teams and regularly updated. is it still possible to just share the relevant folios with the relevant sales team, and again is this allowed?


      I cant imagine why our client would prefer to download through the app store but if they did the app would need to be protected in some way as they are medical documents. Is this possible? I noticed on the enterprise edition that you can 'Efficiently publish private applications behind a corporate firewall' although im not quite sure what this means.


      I guess like most people im worried about paying out for a years subscription to the top level of dps just to send maybe 20 publications.


      Does anyone know rough prices for the different levels of dps?


      Sorry for all the questions and i hope someone can help me to understand.


      Thanks in advance