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    Rollout multiple pages with same template type, resource type

    kand12345 Level 1

      I am currently creating a mobile version of an older CQ site. To accomplish this, I have utilized a single moblie rollout that has an edit properties node to change the cq:template and sling:resourceType properties of all the pages I would like to rollout to their mobile versions.


      The issue comes in when I have multiple different pages that have the same cq:template and/or same sling:resourceType. How can I accomplish rolling out these pages so that different pages with the same cq:template/sling:resourceType translate to different cq:template/sling:resourceTypes?


      One solution I have already considered is translating the sling:resourceType and then changing the cq:template type in Java once the page is accessed; however, this will only work for pages that do not share a sling:resourceType with any other pages.


      I have also considered just creating a separate rollout for each of the problem pages, but I would really like to avoid this if possible since that would result in tons of different, way too specific, rollouts.