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    Crazy Workflow question

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      The question has been asked - Which comes first? After Effects or Premier Pro?


      We are making the show from start to finish and I dont know how to answer that one. Do we take the footage to AE, do all compositing and special effects work, export each scene sequence and then import to PP for editing and arranging the scenes in the correct order and transitions etc, or is it the other way around? Get your episode from start t finish, export to AE and add all effects/composites?



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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          There is no restrictions actually. However, in most cases a project starts from PrPro, where cuts are made. Then a particular clip (or a group of clips) from PrPro timeline is imported to AE so as to do some magic. If a composition is quite simple, one may rely on Dynamic Link. If they are complex ones, and rendering preview in PrPro takes longer than a few minutes, it's better to render digital intermediate out of AE and replace dynamically linked comps in PrPro timeline with those DIs...

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            Yes, normally you would start with Premiere Pro and do all the cuts, then do all the effects and compositing in After Effects. This makes it so you don't do and effects or compositing for things that will not be in the final result.

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              Pierre Devereux Level 2

              Thanks guys.


              Ill get to it.... - we are finally reaching a point where we are happy with the footage we are recieving, so it is almost "GO -TIME!" :-)