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    Custom XMP File Info Panel; Popup fields only showing 64 values max?


      I've created a custom file info panel for use with Creative Suite (Primarily for Bridge, but works just as well for any "File Info..." aware app.

      I just recently noticed that there seems to be a limit to the amount of values in a Popup (aka drop down) field? I have a few that are intended to have up to 132 values, but they stop at 64!


      Here's a snippet of my .xml code. I'm thinking there could (hopefully) be a simply solution, but I don't know what that is, yet.


      I've removed names to protect the innocent:


      #/ ---- Header starts with this:

      <xmp_definitions xmlns:ui="http://ns.adobe.com/xmp/fileinfo/ui/">



      <xmp_schema prefix="xwnv" namespace="http://ns.xinet.com/ns/xinetschema#" label="Offline_Tagging"

      description="$$$/Custom/Schema/Description=This panel for use by ___ team only.">


      #/ ---- Field code example is the following:


      <xmp_property name="Art_Director" category="external" label="$$$/Custom/Property/Art_Director = Art Director:" type="openchoice" element_type="text">

                <xmp_choice raw_value="" label="$$$/Custom/Property/=(select)"/>

                     <xmp_choice raw_value="Firstname.Lastname" label="$$$/Custom/Property/Firstname.Lastname=Firstname.Lastname"/>

      #/ -----repeat values x130



      It would be great to solve.


      Thanks in advance.