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    PS CS6 ignoring paper size

    TGalloway Level 1

      I'm trying to print a 24 x 34 print to an HP Z3100.

      Everything sets fine in the HP driver, but when it comes back to the Photoshop print dialog box, PS still thinks it's printing to an 8 1/2  x 11 sheet.


      How do I get Photoshop to 'listen' to what the printer is supposed to be doing?




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          Hello, Did you ever figure out why CS6 won't print to the HP Z3100?  I'm also having issues so I reinstalled CS5 to use for printing.  The new driver on HP's site locks up when I try to install it.





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            TGalloway Level 1

            Nope, gave up.

            I've actually been using Lightroom more and more and I'm now printing from it. Z3100 works OK and it's a breezy to print from LR.

            It's obviously a goof up in Photoshop and I suspect it will never get fixed.



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              We have Z3100 printers here at Adobe, and zero problems printing to them (even with custom paper sizes).


              The page size comes from the printer driver, is stored in OS metadata about the print job, and goes back to the printer driver.  The application doesn't have much to do with the page size.


              This is not a Photoshop problem.

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                MegaFunPhotos Level 1

                Hello Chris,




                Something's up with CS6 and the HP driver for the Z3100.  I've used my Z3100 for 5 years with CS4 & CS5, when I try to print with CS6 it screws up.  After you set up the paper size, profiles, etc and exit out to print, the paper size defaults back to 8 1/2 x 11.  I was even trying different custom sizes.   I even tried entering a custom paper size in Windows so it shows up as a standard paper size in the printer setup window.  When you close out the printer setup it defaults back to 8 1/2 x 11.  If I open up CS5, select the same paper size in the printer setup, same file, same paper, same profile, same color space then exit out to print, the paper does not get resized and everything prints fine.  Luckily I kept a copy of CS5 on a flash drive after installing CS6 and was able to load both on my computer.  Kind of sucks to edit in CS6 and print in CS5, especially after spending all this money on CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 over the past 10+ years.




                I was searching on line and realized I wasn't the only one having this issue with CS6.  This is how I found out it wasn't my computer.  Installed CS5 and everything works as expected.  Tried again with CS6 and no go…




                I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, CS5 64 bit.




                Gary Jensen

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                  TGalloway Level 1

                  Ok. My z3100 is reporting the paper size back to every other application I've tried including Lightroom, Elements, Illustrator, Word, Paint, even Notepad and a half dozen other pieces of software I've tried it on. I tried this on a newly built computer (I build my own) with nothing installed but a clean OEM copy of Windows 7 (no junk ware), Photoshop and the latest HP drivers.


                  And Photoshop is the ONLY software that this doesn't work on with my system and other people's systems that are having this problem as evidenced by this forum and all the hits from a Google search on this problem.


                  Then I think you can understand our confusion.


                  Yes, I'll grant you that it does work correctly on some systems. But the common factor reported here is... Photoshop.

                  So how can the drivers be 'broken' if they are feeding back the paper size to every other piece of software. Does this mean that Photoshop needs special drivers?


                  Maybe Photoshop doesn't like something on certain systems that no other piece of software has a problem with. Is this possible?




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                    And yet we can print just fine with our Z3100s, as can many other users.


                    Most likely the problem is in the driver.

                    Please contact HP and work with them to troubleshoot your drivers.

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                      MegaFunPhotos Level 1

                      Chris, Help me out here a little. I'm not a programmer but it seems strange the HP driver works fine with all my other software and has for 5 years EXCEPT CS6.


                      Can you direct me on how to explain this to HP?  Otherwise I'm sure they will feel its CS6 which I tend to agree at this point.


                      Can you get me the driver revision your using for your Windows 7, 64 bit operation please. Perhaps this holds the key to the conflict. A $5,000 printer should not stop working after a PS software upgrade.  Thanks tons and will check my driver revision against yours.



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                        That's the nature of bugs.  In this case Photoshop uses newer print APIs than many applications, and uses the print ticket metadata extensively (while most other apps do not).  Any of these differences could lead to problems with the driver.  The HP engineers need to debug this with their driver code to determine how the page size is being lost.


                        Tell HP what you are seeing.

                        Explain that this does work well for other users, and works just fine for Adobe when using their own Z3100 printers (which are right outside my office: love that printer).

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                          MegaFunPhotos Level 1

                          Thanks. Should be fun...I love calling HP...NOT!  They don't offer the same service as Adobe does. Thanks for getting back to me.


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                            TGalloway Level 1

                            So if we contact HP and to say their drivers are broken, how do we explain the fact that your Z3100 is working OK with the same drivers--I assume you have the latest-and the same software, PS CS6?


                            That is, if you have the same OS, drivers, software and it works fine, then why doesn't ours work correctly?

                            Especially in my case where I did a new install of the OS, drivers and software-with absolutely nothing else installed. I did this so there couldn't be any claim that something else was interfering.


                            Where do we look now for the solution?



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                              Without knowing the nature of the bug in HP's code, I really don't know.

                              It could be due to history (older driver versions, older prefs), OS versions, serial number, phase of the moon, price of tea in Shanghai, or some registry entry.  We can't know until HP can debug this with their driver source code.

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                                MegaFunPhotos Level 1

                                Can you check your driver number that's working for you.


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                                  FYI- You are not alone.  I can print without problems to my Z3100 (with latest drivers) from LR4, PScs5, Word, and basically every program I have installed other than Photoshop CS6. I am running Windows 8 64-bit now on a brand new computer build, but had the exact same problem on a different computer running Win7. I've been able to work around it, but it is REALLY annoying. Thankfully, I do most of my printing directly from Lightroom.


                                  Another thing that is annoying is that Adobe seems to be failing to take any responsibility for the problem and constantly pointing the finger back at HP.  Having scoured the ol' Interwebs looking into this problem, I've seen plenty of accounts from upset PROFESSIONAL users and I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of others out there with this problem that just haven't been vocal. If CS6 is the ONLY program that presents this problem then the logical direction for finger pointing is toward Adobe and the CS6 developers.

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                                    Please read posts #3, 6, 8, 11.


                                    This can only be a driver issue.

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                                      Fiveoff Level 1


                                      I read all of the replies BEFORE I replied.


                                      You continue to say that it is a driver issue, but also continue to avoid answering with the driver revision or firmware revision of your miraculously functioning z3100. That could be of help to us as we ask HP about this problem.


                                      Also, are the printing API's of LR4 THAT vastly different than cs6?

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                                        TGalloway Level 1

                                        Why don't we try this another way.

                                        Is there ANYBODY out there that can get Photoshop CS 6, Windows 7 64bit

                                        and an HP Z3100 to work correctly.

                                        If so, would YOU mind tell us what version of the printer driver you are



                                        Thank you.



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                                          MegaFunPhotos Level 1

                                          Hi Guys, 




                                          I would love to know the HP driver number that works with CS6, Windows 7, 64-bit and get a copy to download and install.  I just went to "About" and I think my driver that does not work with CS6 but works with every other program is 61.101.366.41.  My Z3100 firmware is TR12-TR7.0.0.3  OS TR_2.1.2





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                                            We've recently taken delivery of a couple of Z3200's have have been having the exact same issue with both CS6 and CC.

                                            After a month of playing around (including a visit from one of HP's techies), I stumbled across the fix by accident.

                                            Turns out you need to create your own custom paper size in the printer's driver, and set it as the default paper size. If you use any of the standards as your default is will always go back to letter. Up until then we had been trying to default to A0.


                                            In this case I created one that was 600mm by 650mm and named it accordingly.


                                            We are using the latest PCL3 driver


                                            P.S. Still waiting for a call back from HP Tech Support in India