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    How to easily migrate from AE CS5.5 to CS6?

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      I imagine that most people here can relate to the somewhat annoying process of upgrading After Effects to a newer version, specifically with the wide array of plugins installed all over our drives. The process has been complicated by the fact that Lion is even more inaccessable in terms of digging through Libary folders, etc...


      Wondering if anyone has a streamlined approach to doing this, or better yet, a wonderful little Applescript that I can simply launch and have it pull all of the plugins over, plus dependencies. If you are a Red Giant or Trapcode user, you'll appreciate the pain of finding all the related assets/presets.


      Worst case scenerio... if no such solution exists, I wouldn't mind a refresher as to where these files might be located under Lion.