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    Missing Headers in View Response


      I think I deleted the headers when I deleted rows in the view responses table.  The emails are now going out without header_ field names.   The field names are still on the form.  How do I restore the headers to the view responses table?

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          Todd Rein Level 3



          You can try to view an old version to copy/paste your header values.  Here's how to view an old version:


          1) Go to the response table

          2) On the bottom right, click the clock icon


          That should bring up the history timeline



          3) Click on a version before you think you deleted the headers to view that version


          4) Select the header row, and copy via contrl C


          5) Close that version by clicking the X in the history bar


          6) Go the first header cell, and paste using control V


          If that doesn't work, I'm afraid you'll have to copy the field names one by one in the form to the response table.




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            RMS75 Level 1

            Thanks, this worked great!

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              EF Jebbia

              I had the same issue.  I followed the process described above.  However, I found that using History to bring up any of my older forms only displayed 35 field names in the header even though the form has many more fields than 35.  Is there a field name limitation in the header row of the responses table?  Any other solution other than manually inserting field names (I have around 300 in this very long registration form)?

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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                If you "edit" a field in the form by changing one character it will update the response table header, it might not be as automated or easy as you'd hope, but easier than manually entering all of the headers.


                Simply click on a field to edit, add a character and then backspace to delete it and the Header is updated...  You can go through the form "touching" each field in this way to restore them all.




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                  EF Jebbia Level 1

                  Josh, I tried the approach your suggested for the 36th+ header columns and it did not restore the field names.  Still remained blank.  Is there a field number limitation in the FormCentral code?


                  Since this form is only in testing mode, I tried copying the form 'only' (not responses) to a new name.  Then tested the copy and the results were the same; all of the header field names in the responses table starting with the 36th column (37 including the time stamp column) were blank.

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                    Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                    I got your shared form and I tried my method of "touching" each field and the ones I "touched" were updated in the Response Table with the correct column headings.


                    I am:

                    1. Clicking into a form field to edit and waiting until I am in text edit mode in the label
                    2. I add one character
                    3. Next I back space to delete the added character
                    4. Move onto the next field repeating steps above


                    I updated from field 36 a handful of fields, and also started at the very end of the form and did the last handful of fields, both worked just fine.  I didn't want to have the form closed for long so I did not edit too many fields, but what I did worked just fine.


                    Can you try again and make sure that the changes you make are "saved" (you can see the save progress in the very bottom right corner).