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    Form data posting


      I am using CQ 5.5 and I need to submit a form data to some url. Currently , I built form on the website using form components available from the sidekick.

      After submitting the form I can see the paramters passed in the bullk editor, but I dont know how to display that data on a page. I saw many documents demonstrating the how to submit form data but they were not useful because they were for CQ5.4.


      Please help.

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          Hello all,


          Even I am waiting for reply. Nobody has posted any yet .


          Please let me know how to post the form data on a url instead of on a bulk editor. DO I need to write a workflow?


          Eagerly waiting for your reply.


          Thanks for your help in advance

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            Scott Brodersen Level 4

            You can use a workflow to process the form data:


            http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/working_with_workflows.html#Collecting data using forms and workflows


            Does that help?



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              idkwid Level 1

              I  managed to do it without workflow. When I submit the form the data goes to the content folder. I gave 'thank you page'  (present on the edit form) same as the page which reads and displays the content from the content folder.  Let me know if this approach is correct.


              NOw my question is can we create custom form? My client has a form template with name, address etc. and they want me to create a custom form which they can just drag on the page and it will display all the form fields. Is that possible?


              Many Thanks!

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                Hi. Thanks for your reply. The link which you shared is useful when I have to display the form data on the same page and I am entering single information.


                I wanted to create a Products Page, where I wanted to show multiple products to be displayed in single page. Means kind of retailer page. So may be I will have one tempalte/form to enter all product information and then some where I will display all the product list.


                So my question is, what approach I should use for this requirement? Should I create form to enter many products information. And how to display this information? Will there be a seperate pages I havve to create physically for each product or I will have single page and at runtime I will pass product ID and it will display details. How can I do it?