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    Help Please: Glitches occurring with H.264 export

    Stephen Sproull

      Let me premise this post by acknowledging that I have little experience in the dslr video world. I'm trying to change that.


      I shot video for two fireworks shows this year as an experiment. I groomed the clips in After Effects (noise reduction, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc) and then exported the files as H.264 1080p 24fps from After Effects.These files look fine - no glitches. Next, I compiled the whole shebang in Premiere Pro. I can't remember the exact export settings I used in Premiere Pro, but I selected the YouTube HD 1080p 24fps preset and then clicked the check box next to 'Render at Highest Quality' (or something like that).


      When the final video was done exporting, I watched the whole thing. Everything looked really great except there were approximately 5 instances where white glitches would appear on the screen for 2-3 seconds (see images below). The first screenshot is the frame before the glitch appears. The second one is the first frame of the glitch. The third one is just before the glitch goes away. These glitches do not show up when I preview the video in premiere pro and they do not exist in the source files. It seems like these glitches occur at the brightest moments in the fireworks show.


      What is this a result of? Should I select different export settings? Thank you in advance.