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    HD video on the web? Question. Need help

    Saeroner Level 1

      We just started producing HD video. Coming from SD video. In today’s web age can’t most people in the U.S. view 720p video on the internet?


      Our company produces instructional videos that get delivered to the clients by DVD but we also have moved forward to viewing online. My problem is I’m not sure how to approach my web guy about HD video over the web. I would say most of our clients have a fast connection. He is asking for all the old SD videos and me to convert them to .webm/.ogm/.mp4 so he’s doing HTML5. How does this work with HD so the client can have that as an option? He is asking for 400 kbps for our current SD videos and he gets worried when a video is like 60MB so that worries me that he doesn’t know much.


      How does bitrate work with HD video? How should we provide it?