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    How do I convert text with gradient to outlines?


      I'm using CS4 (ancient, I know) and I'm trying to export a file to PDF for our printer. One of the display fonts I used "could not be embedded due to licensing restrictions in the font." I also want to ensure the word art doesn't do anything funky on the printer's end. So I'd like to convert the display text to outlines.


      The text is in several rows, with a linear gradient from top to bottom. When I convert the text to outlines, the gradient ceases to fill the full group of text and instead is applied to each row.


      I've tried selecting the text before converting to outlines and selecting the text frame before converting. I've tried grouping items or not grouping. Messing with the gradient.  I'm stuck. The option to make compound paths is grayed out, but it seems like that's irrelevant from other discussions I've read on the topic.


      I admit I am self-taught InDesign; you might call me an amateur, so it's possible I'm doing this completely wrong.


      Would appreciate any help. If I can't find another solution I might try making the text art in Illustrator  and then placing it as an image into the file, unless there's a better way.