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    Workaround for using Warp stabilizer with Speed change in CS6

    khw8911 Level 1

      Hi there, I need to slow down a clip AND apply some Warp Stabilizer on it, but Premiere CS6 will not let the 2 effects happen on the same clip. So as a work around I am thinking that I should stabilize the clip, render and export it. Then use that new clip in timeline and change speed.


      Is this the best way to do it?  Better than stabilizing in AE and back, I hope....

      And if so, in order to maintain the best quality of the clip, what format should I export the clip into? (my footages are from a Canon 5Diii, native H.264)


      I suppose I should use 'File>export>media' and set the quality to max and use 'Max render quality'.


      Thanks very much!