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    How do I turn off the extra cursor on the lasso tool?

    xajide Level 1

      I'm hoping somebody here knows a way to revert the icon for the lasso tool to its old self... or at least turn it into a simple cursor.


      The lasso tool in this new Photoshop version suddenly forces you to see a double image: both the original lasso and a cursor above it that points to the actual connection point.

      This setup is annoying as hell and no - I haven't gotten used to it.

      The tool ends up so large that it's obscuring part of what I want to select... not to mention that my instinct wants to see the connection point on the tip of the lasso.

      What was great abou the original lasso was the fact that the icon itself was so thin that it didn't obscure what I was trying to select.

      Not just do I suddenly have an icon that's twice as large, the arrow is also thick and opaque - it's very much in my way and totally counter productive!

      I can understand wanting to make things more unified... but this is not the way to do it.

      At least give us the option to have the lasso show up as either an arrow or the old tool. You're allowing us to show the pen tips as cursors... why not include that choice for the lasso tool too?

      A simple dropdown on the top when I select the tool would do the trick just fine. I might actually like having the lasso tool as a thin arrow instead of a lasso shape.

      However -

      As it is now, it's a bad design and makes for a clunky tool that has two origin tips AND obscures my selection area.