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    Selection missing in Dreamweaver CS6

    pk4ut Level 1

      I'm following the Adobe video tutorial by Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani, entitled "Getting Started with Creating Mobile Apps and Websites with Design and Web Premium CS6." Early in the video, Trani starts out in Dreamweaver with this:


      File > New > Page from Sample > Mobile Starters > jQuery Mobile with theme (phoneGap)


      When he gets to the last selection (jQuery Mobile with theme - phone Gap) it is one of five (5) sample pages to choose from in the video. In my copy of Dreamweaver CS6, however, I only have three (3) sample pages to choose from. They are jQuery Mobile (CDN), JQuery Mobile (Local), and jQuery Mobile with theme (Local). Missing from my selection but shown in the Trani video are "jQuery Mobile (PhoneGap), and jQuery Mobile with theme (PhoneGap).


      At that point, I have to hit the breaks, and Trani just blows on by.


      How can I add the two sample pages to my menu so I can continue this training video?