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    kt03 Level 1

      I have two text boxes

      1.  First text box is defaulted to the curent date + 5 business days. 

      2.  When i pick the date from the second text box, I want the date in the fisrt text box = date in second text box + 5 business days.


      The code i have below is currently working fine but the fist fidn't added 5 business days because i don't know how to add into it from txt2.

      How can I accomplish it?



      <cfparam name="currentdate" default="#businessDaysAdd(now(),5))#">

      <cfform name="fform">

         txt1: <cfinput type="datefield" value="#dateformat(current, "mm/dd/yyyy")#" name="txt1" bind="cfc:app.home.cfc.bu.getfinaldate({txt2@change})">

         txt2: <cfinput type="datefield" name="txt2" value="">





      <cffunction name="getfinaldate" access="remote">

              <cfargument name="txt2">

               <cfreturn "#arguments.txt2#">





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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          In your cfc, use parsedate to convert the text to a date, then use dateadd to add the five days and dateformat to convert it back to a string. 

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            BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Note you have a typo: 2 closing component tags. In any case, the following should work


            <cfform name="fform">

            <!--- Set bindOnload to yes, making the bind to take effect the moment the page is loaded. --->

            <cfinput type="datefield"  name="txt1" bind="cfc:app.home.cfc.bu.getFinalDate({txt2})" bindOnload="yes">

            <cfinput type="datefield" name="txt2">







            <cffunction name="getFinalDate" access="remote" returntype="string">

                    <cfargument name="dateArg">

                    <!--- If argument undefined or not a date, then default to date of today --->

                    <cfif (not isDefined("arguments.dateArg")) or (not isDate(arguments.dateArg))>

                        <cfset var dt = now()>


                        <cfset var dt = parseDateTime(arguments.dateArg)>


                    <!--- Add 5 days--->

                    <cfset var updatedDt = dateAdd("d",5,dt)>

                    <!--- Format --->

                    <cfset var formattedDt = dateformat(updatedDt, "mm/dd/yyyy")>


                     <cfreturn formattedDt>