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    Why Speedgrade

    kdoc2 Level 1

      I'm asking this as an amateur, working with Production  Premium for about 2-3 years now. Can you please explain to me what color grading does, and why one would use Speedgrade on top of Premier Pro. Can one not do about the same thing with Adjustment Layer(s) and (let's say to start), 3 way color correction? I  gather that it allows one to look at several versions easily, but is there  more? I admit to not having studied Speedgrade, and my system doesn't even meet the requirements, so before getting involved with it, I thought I'd ask.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Currently, the Layers approach in PP actually has a couple of advantages over SpeedGrade.  Namely the ability to see the entire PP sequence, complete with effects, titles, transitions, etc.  And, you can very easily change things.


          SpeedGrade needs to offer both of those capabilities in future versions.  But it's not there yet.



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            SimonHy Level 2

            It's a more dedicated tool for colour grading. A lot of what can be achieved in it can be done using colour corrector effects, but for colourists it's a specialized environment without all the clutter of an NLE. Like a lot of other specialised grading applications, Speedgrade supports the use of external grading controllors like the Tangent Wave or the Euphonix, which speed up grading massively.


            IMO, if Jim gets his wish and they make it so you can see the entire Premiere sequence including titles they will have broken it. If that's what you want, use an NLE. They need to improve the ability to round trip to Premiere for finishing, not make Speedgrade a finishing tool.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              They need to improve the ability to round trip to Premiere for finishing


              That's part of what I'm talking about.

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                josephs51576386 Level 3

                IMO speed grade seems to do a better job of isolating individual colors without changing/altering everything in the entire scene you're CC. Other than that I feel that Premiere does basically everything equally to SpeedGrade. I haven't really attempted to use speedgrade a ton though simply because Premiere pretty much can achieve most of what I want. However if the time ever comes where I want to really tweak something or change a individual color by itself I'd for sure use speedgrade instead of Premiere. Even though I realize Premiere's 3 way color corrector lets you pick colors to a point IMO it doesn't isolate quite as well.

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                  cfg_2451 Level 2

                  It's a broad topic, too big to give you a small and concise answer in a forum. You'll have to do some reading and research if you want to really understand it. I suggest as a first stop Alexis Van Hurkman's excellent Color Correction Handbook. While not product specific to SpeedGrade (or any other color correction / grading software) it does talk about it some.

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                    kdoc2 Level 1

                    Thank you all. You've got me started. I'll probably stick with PrP alone for some time, and in the interim educate myself further, perhaps with that "Handbook".  As always, I appreciate your help.