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    Scrolling not working-Flex Test Drive for Mobile

    Abdul Gafoor Kiliyamannil

      Hi all. I checked the Flex Test Drive for Mobile Tutorial. Everything working fine for me. Even I could configure the same from the server. But unfortunately The list scrolling is not working. I enable the  Flex Test Drive for Mobile= true also. But it is not working from device or from the simulator. When I click and drag it goes up and coming back to the old stage. Please help me out


      Here is the code



      <s:List  scrollSnappingMode="leadingEdge"  pageScrollingEnabled="true"   alternatingItemColors="[#CCCCCC, #999999]"  id="empList" y="0" width="100%" change="empList_changeHandler(event)" creationComplete="list_creationCompleteHandler(event)"

                  horizontalCenter="0" labelField="firstname" textAlign="left">

              <s:AsyncListView list="{getEmployeesSummaryResult.lastResult}"/>



                      <s:IconItemRenderer iconWidth="50" iconHeight="50" iconFunction="getPhotoURL" labelFunction="getEmployeeFullName" messageField="title">



                                  import spark.events.IndexChangeEvent;

                                      private function getPhotoURL(item:Object):String


                                          return "http://myserver/TestDrive/photos/" + item.photofile;                            


                                      private function getEmployeeFullName(item:Object):String { return item.firstname + " " + item.lastname; }