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    Creating bootable media (C: drive)  with Paragon

    lasvideo Level 4

      So I am just about done installing and setting up the Z820. Its time to make a bootable backup. I have a OWC 500GB USB 3 drive for this purpose.


      Since this process on the PC is more complex than on the Mac I need a little guidance


      1. First it asks for

      a. USB Flash

      b. CD/DVD/BD

      c. Bootable media file (for creating bootable image.)


      Which is appropriate for the drive I am using?


      2. Then it asks

      a. Create a new bootable media. The second and the third options enable to make a clone of previously prepared environments with the option to inject additional drivers if necessary.  


      Got this one figured out.


      3.Then it asks for the path to the WAIK or OEM Preinstallation Kit.


      Is this something I need to download or does it come with Win 7


      4. Then it asks about connecting to a network.


      Im not on one so No Network Support seems to be right.


      5. Premount a network is the next option.


      I would gues again Do Not Mount Backup Storage is coorect since thee is no network.


      6. The next one completely loses me.

      The next page allows injection of additional drivers for special storage controllers, network cards, etc. Click Add.

      In the opened dialog click Browse to find an .inf file of the required driver or manually set a path to it. In the Driver Details section you can see properties of the selected driver. Click OK when ready.




      Here is a classic case why folks prefer OSX to Windows. If I want a bootable clone I just tell the software What to copy Where and its on its merry way.


      Is Acronis easier or about the same for this process. I am open to and appreciative of any helpful insight.





      I have a 4th drive thats not being used. Can I make a bootable clone of my C: drive to my empty F: drive on a regualar basis. And if C: fails, just swop F:  into it position in the computer. This works easily on the Mac but not sure about Windows.