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    MTS audio not working in PP CS6. Help??

    jmcilroy Level 1

      The most useful thread on this topic was locked before the problem was resolved, but I don't know why. Unfortunately I am a novice with Adobe Premiere, but PP is the tool I have to use in my project.


      I have the Creative Cloud version of Adobe PP CS6. I am using a Sony HDR-XR260 camera. And like countless others I get no audio with my video clips when loaded into CS6.


      I read all the discussions. I even tried the small clip of MTS that someone offered as a test. I could play that in PP CS6 with audio no problem.


      But clips from my own camera have no audio. Doesn't matter how I load the clip (I have tried them all). The clips definitely have audio, becuse they work perfectly on WMP and other apps.


      I tried renaming to M2TS... and everything else suggested. Was wondering if anyone has a FIX for this. I am desparate.