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    playhead randomly JUMPS to the end of the timeline when "editing" during playback

    dv416 Level 1

      CS 6.0.1

      OSX 10.7.4


      I love the new feature in CS6 that lets you edit DURING playback, and playback won't stop. Brilliant.


      Now, I use this feature a lot making cuts as I go. I use the "command + shift + k" combo to make an edit to all tracks while the playhead is moving along. It seems though that every so often when I do this, the playhead warps to the end of the timeline. Very frustrating, and when dealing with long timelines,really slows me down, to get back to where I was working.


      Also I can repeat this "glitch" very easily, so its not some totally random occurance. Just pushing cmd+shift+k while the playhead is moving a few times repeats it very quickly.


      Am I doing something wrong here? Or toggling some OTHER key command inadvertently? Or is this a legit glitch?


      EDIT: I would like to add that using the "nudge" command during playback has the same glitch of arbitrarily jumping to the end of the timeline if you click the nudge command quickly in succession.