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    Convert CS6 prproj to CS5


      Hi. I have been searching around for an answer for a while now with no success, so here I am.

      Here's my situation:


      I have been using Premiere Pro CS5 for years now. Recently (over 30 days ago) I decided to trial CS6 Premiere.

      I converted my CS5 prproj to a CS6 compatible file. I have since made a lot of progress on this project.

      Now that my trial has expired I simply wish to open this new project in CS5.


      Unfortunately I am prompted with the error message "This project was saved in a newer version of Adobe Premiere Pro and cannot opened in this version."

      Is there any possibly way to convert this project? Starting from the old CS5 project would be disastrous, and I cannot re-open CS6 to possibly save it as a CS5 proprj from there.