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    Adding "Photoshop" to "Edit With..." menu

    magnetofon Level 1



      I use InDesign CS5 on Windows 7 x64. When I go into the Links panel and right click a linked image, I'd like to add "Photoshop" to the Edit With... menu.


      Currently that list contains the options:

      • Acrobat
      • Flash
      • InDesign
      • Firefox
      • Word
      • Microsoft Photo Viewer


      Now, I don't understand why such an obvious choice as Photoshop is not in the list. My "Edit Original" command is linked to Microsoft Photo Viewer by the OS. I don't want to change that association because when I browse a folder for photos (JPG) that I took with my camera or something rather, I want them to open in Windows Photo Viewer because it's very easy to go through them using the left/right arrow keys. I don't need every JPG to open up in Photoshop one by one. Therefore, I don't want to change the "Edit Original" command or its file association type.


      I just want to add "Photoshop" to the "Edit With..." list. How can I do that - if at all?





      PS: It just completely doesn't make ANY sense why would InDesign, Firefox, Flash, listed in the "Edit With..." list but not Photoshop. I can't actually edit images in any of these programs. Common sense rules...