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    Playback problems in Premiere Pro CS6 with Multibridge Eclipse


      Hello, I recently upgraded from CS 5.5 to CS6 Premiere Pro. Since version CS 5, I work with a HP Z400  workstation 18 GB RAM Nvidia FX3800 Lacie eSata RAID0 and Blackmagic Design Multibridge Eclipse. This constellation worked fine together. One month ago I deceided to upgrade to CS 6 Production Suite CS 6. Since this a have several issues with playback in timeline. If I  generate a new project with 1080 50i and playing back a HD MPEG Tracks, I can see more then one timeline ruler. It looks like freezing some graphic elements. So it make no differents whether I use one or two more clips in the timeline. Also zoom factor in timeline since not to change failure more or less. After some time maybe two minutes timelineruler jumps itself to an other location and picture in master monitor freezes while audio is still playing.

      I changed nothing in my hardwaresetup, except updating to CS6, deinstalling CS 5.5 and updating driver of BMD from 9.5.2 to 9.5.3.


      A further issue is the Abobe failure messagebox that cames up after creating a HD 1080 50i project.

      Premiere Pro Debug Event

      Pro Debug Event

      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.



      Only killing CS premiere Pro an restarting can stoping this message. The best setting ist Rendering MPEG-I Frames,  let vanish the problem mostly. In earlier premiere Pro versions this failure camed not up.


      The third issue is aspect ratio changes via Multibridge everywhere containing internal or external FX Plugins in the clip. While inernal Master monitor shows correclty the effect, multbridge make some 16:9 / 4:3 changes. How you can see a lot mistakes that not should exists in proffesional products.


      Do anyone have ideas where the problem could be for those issues?

      Thank you ver much for answers


      André Brändli