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    BIG IE & Datagrid/List Bug

      Hi all,

      Looking for any help on this due to tight deadline. I have a simple shell that load's in other swfs. If a swf that's loaded in contains a list (for example) and you click on the list, when you then try and load another swf into the shell both the onLoadInit & onLoadError events are not fired. It works fine when published and also when loaded in a simple html page in firefox. Open the same html page in IE6 or IE7 and it breaks.

      Please understand that I have done quite a lot of flash dev - this isn't a problem with the shell - it is a definite bug with the player in IE. Please give it a go yourselves if in doubt. I do feel like I must be missing something though as I can't find anything about this on the web.

      I can fix the problem by setting Selection.setFocus(null) before loading another swf. Great... except another problem with the datagrid & list component. By writing a crude onenterframe trace of Selection.getFocus() you can see that only on the mouseUp event is the Selection focus set to the object. That means if you click inside a datagrid but release the mouse outside of the datagrid, it's Selection state is undefined (i presume) as in this scenario, setting the Selection.setFocus(null) no longer fixes the problem.

      I'm guessing that the selection state of the datagrid is undefined as Selection.getFocus() returns the previously selected object and yet the datagrid with the mousedown event has a yellow border.

      This is particularly a problem as I have implemented a drag&drop interface using the datagrids and so there may be many times when the user clicks on the datagrid but releases on another datagrid.

      Many thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to look at this - it's causing me a bit of a headache!