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    Adobe After Effects CS3 crashes with Codecs such as Motion JPEG and Avid DnxHD

    Ratboy77 Level 1

      Hey guys, I'm new here



      I'm having a problem with After Effects CS3 crashing with .mov files (exported from Adobe Premiere) with codecs such as Motion Jpeg A and Avid's DnxHD. Its driving me crazy.



      If I import a Motion Jpeg A file, AE crashes immediately. If I import a DnxHD file that works fine with Premiere, it seems to import ok. However, when I try to play it in AE it comes up as a plain white... thing. If I move the slider across it previews one or two frames before AE crashes. Its driving me crazy.



      AE works ok with H.164 and animation files.



      I'm reinstalled quicktime and Avids codecs, uninstalled ffdshow, disabled Open GL and multiprocessing, changed between 10bit and 8bit (whatever that is all about) with the dnxhd and I'm really stumped. If I can get Dnxhd working I'm fine with that. I thought I'd mention the Motion Jpeg A codec to see if they're a result of the same problem.



      I've also tried Avid's RGB packed Codec with the same results.



      I'm running Windows Xp 32 bit with 3gbs of ram, a GeForce 8600 gt with a Intel Pentium Duo Core Processor 2.00 GHZ.



      Can anyone help me please?