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    Question regarding automating input in Dreamweaver

    John De Smet



      I recently started using Dreamweaver and I am working on a site that tries to link to quality walkthroughs. I search for walkthroughs on Youtube, and then embed them in the site.


      I use the page "playlist" to put all the links on, and some 'viewpages' where the videos are embedded.


      The playlist page looks something like this:


      • Playlist:
        • Walkthrough part 1 (linking to a viewpage where the first part is embedded)
        • Walkthrough part 2 (linking to a viewpage where the second part is embedded)
        • ...


      The viewpages look something like this:


      example viewpage.png


      Where the arrow to the left links to the previous part of the walkthrough, the middle bar "walkthrough playlist" links to the playlist page and the arrow the the right links to the next part of the walkthrough.


      The problem is that a walkthrough easily consists of 30 parts; so I have to make 30 viewpages, embed 30 times the correct video, and I have to adjust the links to the previous and next walkthrough for every single viewpage; if I am working on viewpage #28 I have to link the arrows to #27 and #29, if I am working on viewpage #29 I have to link the arrows to #28 and #30, etc. This is a huge amount of work, considering the fact that I would really like to put a lot of walkthroughs on my site.


      Is there a way of making this process more simple and less time consuming? I already use templates for each viewpage, but I still have to manually change all the links.


      Thanks in advance,