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    Can't delete .LCK files

    semi star gazer
      I am having a huge problem with .LCK files. I thought that these could only be generated in Contribute, but suddenly several of the directories in my Dreamweaver site are creating them, and I am completely unable to delete them, or update the corresponding .cfm ages. I have tried deleting them off the server directly with no effect. Every time I try to upload changes to a page it creates this .LCK file, and none of the changes are saved-- on the server OR in Dreamweaver! Can someone please help me with this, I am totally at a loss. Thanks!
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          Turn off the check-in/check-out feature in Dreamweaver. If you launch into Dreamweaver from Contribute and that is turned on, you'll get .lck files for that page and every page or image that page links to. (I once got thousands). To get rid of your .lck files, remove them from the site (just use the folder structure, don't go through Contribute) and go to C:/Documents and Settings/your id/Local Settings/Application Data/Macromedia/Contribute 3/ and delete everything there. Also check _mm and MMWIP at the root of your site to see if there are .lck files there.

          I think that's everything--it's been a while and I forgot to document the procedure.
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            semi star gazer Level 1
            I just ended up having to reinstall Macromedia Suite... I think it was actually a Dreamweaver problem ultimately, because I had never even opened Contribute on this machine! It might have happened because of a program crash and something got checked in/out improperly.