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    Problem exporting to tape in Premiere 5.5

    Andrew Berek



      I've recently converted to Apple Mac (OSX - 10.7.4) using Premiere Pro CS5.5 having used an old version of Premiere Pro on PC -  previously exporting to DV tape was simple.


      Now, when I try to export to tape using firewire to a Sony HVR-Z1 camera:


      File ->  Export ->  Tape


      Rendering occurs, after which recording appears to follow, BUT...the footage on my timeline does not appear on the camera LCD viewfinder even though the device control is working fine - it seems to be playing the tape and the timecode numbers are running up as to be expected. 


      The camera LCD screen remains blue as typical when in VCR mode, and when the 'recording' is finished, playing back my tape reveals that nothing has been recorded.


      I can capture footage with the exception of the project I have been working on recently, where the 'capture device offline' message is displayed even though it recognises the device  - a 'Status Check' in the 'Device Control' found under 'Preferences' confirms the dvice is online!  So I can only capture footage if I create a new project...


      Perhaps these two problems are related?


      Thanks everyone, I'd really appreciate any advice