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    re-installing...too many pcs...


      Hello all,


      I hope this is a quick/easy fix...


      I was given PSCS3 five years ago by my now ex-husband as a gift.


      It was installed onto our desktop, which then crashed...


      Then, I got a Dell laptop in which it was installed on twice since it crashed one time.


      I now have a Vaio, the Dell is toast, the power button popped off the side and I cant even get the damn thing to turn on...so...I'm hoping to install CS3 onto the Vaio but I have no way to inactivate CS3 on the Dell...


      Now what?! I cannot afford an upgrade, unfortunately But, I miss playing around with CS3 and taking pics of my neices and just having fun with it...


      Is there hope?


      Thanks in dvance for any/all help!



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          Curt Y Level 7

          There is nothing the user forum can do about your situation.


          Call Adobe tomorrow and explain that you have have 2 computer crashes and would like a reactivation code.  They do this every day so no big deal.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            There is a limit to the number of Activations per S/N (Serial Number), and that is two Activations. The normal process would be to Deactivate an installation, but if the computer crumps (highly technical computer geek term for - dies), the installation of PS will still show as Activated.


            If you call Adobe Customer Support (not Technical Support), have your S/N handy, and explain the situation, they can reset the number of Activations for you.


            Note: before about Feb. 2010, Adobe also limited the number of installations too, but I cannot remember what that old limit was. That too, can be reset by C/S.


            Good luck, and when I have had to deal with similar issues, C/S was very quick, and extremely helpful.



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              Sillystar922 Level 1

              THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!

              Have a great day