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    Lost Authorisation


      My Sony PRST1 had crashed, and then my Local Sony Store was able to get it going again. Now the eReader seems to have lost its Authorisation. It no longer links to library or open the purchased content.. simply giving a message that the 'device needs to be authorised or This item is protected by DRM' I have 2 T1's authorised on 1 PC, the other one works fine. i cant seem to plug the reader into PC and get any option to Authorise the device again even through The digital editions software . Can anyone offer any help please.

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          The authorizations for your ereaders were set up when you registered them

          with SONY.  At that time, you should have used your Adobe ID to make the

          process work smoothly.  When your T1 crashed, did you reset it or did you

          re-link to the SONY website to recover it?  That would make a difference.


          Also, just a note.  SONY says that the T1's are not supported in ADE.  ADE,

          however, says that they are.  So, it's possible that, when you recovered

          the T1 that's giving you a problem, you got updated software that will not

          let you connect with ADE now.