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    Step Back/Forward vs Play (Smoothness)

    wolverine.ks Level 1

      After 10 seconds of continuously using 'step forward' or 'step back' in multicam mode I start experiencing some serious video stuttering, however, when i just play (spacebar) the sequence, there is no stuttering.


      3 avchd tracks, 1 wav track,

      no effects on any tracks,

      all media on internal 7200rpm HDD at about 50% full capacity




      AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

      8GB 1600 memory

      ATI Radeon HD 5800 series


      c: OS, Programs, Pagefile - 1TB 7200RPM

      d: Previews, Media Cache, Exports - 1TB 7200RPM

      e: Media, Projects - 1TB 7200RPM


      Resource monitor registers a consistent 9MB/sec when playing (spacebar) sequence, but varies wildly from 0-20MB/sec when using 'step forward' or 'step backward'





      Is this normal? any thoughts?