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    [CS] Basic brushes create dotted lines instead of solid

    shufflebunnie Level 1

      I just received an almost-new Wacom CTL-470 tablet from my father yesterday, so naturally I began fooling around with Photoshop line drawings and simple art.


      The initial problem I discovered was that, oddly enough, the basic brush tools, when dragged, would not create a solid line. It would only create a dotted line, the spaces between dots varying with speed of the pen against the tablet.


      If I dragged the pen slowly enough (very... very slowly), it would create a kind of shaky line, which was just dots very close together.


      Naturally I thought it was the tablet's fault, but upon trying to use the mouse to do the same function, the problem persisted.


      I use Photoshop CS and I didn't change any settings at all today.


      I have some things that friends wanted me to do for them, and this problem is starting to irritate me as I have no idea where it came from or how to get rid of it.



      I would also like to know how I can use my tablet to create a tapering effect with my pen pressure. The "pen pressure" setting in the Brushes menu seemed to have no effect.


      I have never experienced this problem before and I would like help as soon as possible. Thank you so much in advance.


      Here's an example of the issue, both in large brushes and a smaller one in the background.