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    Reconnecting Video and Audio

    dgfitzpat Level 1

      In a clip on the timeline, I deleted the "reference " audio and replaced it with audio from a Zoom H4N.  But now I want to reconnect the original audio to the clip that is on the timeline.  Obviously I can go back to the original video footage and place it again in the timeline where the clip currently exists.  The problem with this approach is that the 20 second clip is a subset of the original clip which is 12 minutes long, so I would have to find the exact frame in the original clip from which to re-extract the clip that is currently in the timeline.  So it would be great if PP can reunite the audio that goes with the video that is on the timeline.  If this capability does not exist, is there a way of know, IN THE ORIGINAL 12 MINUTE CLIP, the "in-out" points of the subset that is now in the timeline.  I know that when I bring the original 12 minute clip into the Source monitor, it has the last in-out points but the last in-out point don't match the particular clip that needs reuniting with its audio.  This is because I have taken many sub clips from the original 12 minute clip.