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    CRASH: Flash CS6 crashes with authortime sharing...


      We're using Flash CS6 to generate 2D animation data for a game project.  We have several files that comprise our animations and make extensive use of authortime sharing.  We've noticed a few things that make authortime sharing problematic:


      1. When changing symbols in a source FLA, we oftentimes get a "Duplicate Items Folder" when opening a dependent FLA.  We've written scripts to clean these up automatically, but it can be quite troublesome.  Why is it that Flash can't detect changes properly in dependent files?
      2. In some cases, when #1 manifests, it will create several duplicate folders (i.e. symbols / symbols copy 1 / symbols copy n).
      3. Flash CS6 straight up crashes on us sometimes.


      We've got a file now that crashes Flash CS6 every time it's opened.  It seems to crash when updating symbol references.  I've verified this by moving the file to another folder on my machine (thus Flash can't find the source files to update from).  When the imported FLA's can't be found the crash no longer occurs.


      I've uploaded the crashes here:







      Please advise!  We'd love to use authortime sharing, but it really just seems broken.