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    Panel minimum size restricted to 132 pixels or more - why??

    Heimdaal Level 1

      I've been trying to make my own panels in Configurator 3 for some time now and I posted about this problem in the Configurator -board.

      But it wasn't until now that I realised that this issue is a lot bigger than that: it applies to EVERY panel inside Photoshop - not just custom-built ones.


      The issue that I'm having is that I'm trying to create a custom toolbar and Photoshop wont let me specify proper dimensions for it.

      As you might know, toolbars are slim. The original one is 30px/60px (single row / double row) - give or take. So I want my custom toolbar to be roughly the same size: 60 pixels in my case.


      The problem is that Photoshop refuses to set a panel's width to anything below 132 pixels upon application startup - even if you've resized the panel before you closed Photoshop. So what I have is a 60 pixel custom toolbar that every time I start photoshop, rescales itself up to 132 pixels - and I can't get around this by setting a maxwidth value to my toolbar inside Configurator. This is EXTREMELY annoying, and there does not seem to be a workaround at all. I'm actually starting to believe that this is something that has been hardcoded into the software by the programmers at Adobe - and if that is the case then only they can help in regards to this issue.


      Also, I've seen other ppl having the same problem and afaik, the issue has NEVER been resolved.


      Try this yourself: Take the navigation panel (just as an example) and make it slim. Close down Photoshop and then start it up again.

      The navigation panel scales up itself to 132 pixels. (You can check this with a print screen, and then using the square marquee tool to see the width of the navigation panel).